The project

FDE is Windows Desktop Application ensuring the safety of devices with sensitive corporate data on them. It is a data protection solution for “data-at-rest”. This means that it will protect data from malicious intent when the computer is turned-off or in hibernation mode. Full Disk Encryption makes sure that only authorized users have access to the device and data.


The goal of this project was redesign of FDE app with a focus on better user experience, new Microsoft styles and creating a cleaner look to make the app really attractive, usable and easy to understand.


Main window

Is a page that contains 8 independent modules included in the application. Also here the user can find information about the state of his device, for example, which of the disks is encrypted.

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Six modules are a system of sequential steps following which the user performs the required action.

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Pattern library

For this project were created a pattern library consistent with the principles of Microsoft style.

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