The project

The corporate application for company employees. Using this application managers can approve or decline the ordered services from iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.


The main goal of this project was to transfer internal corporate service to a mobile application to increase comfort and efficiency. Of course such application should be the most handy. But also I set out to make instead of a dry corporate application an attractive one.


Approvals - is simple UX created for an audience 35+. Application uses corporate orange color as accent and complementary blue gray. On the main screen we see Tab Bar with icons supporting the theme of ancient Rome.



On the first main page we see active requests requiring processing. Confirmation or decline process implemented by swipes, hello Tinder, thumb up to approve and thumb down to decline.


In the history you can see all processed requests. It is also possible to cancel the approve if the statute of limitations has not passed yet.


It is important to respect the user's privacy. In the settings you can easily configure secure access as well as manage application notifications, for example, set do not disturb time.


Apple Watch

The manager’s lifestyle does not imply being all the time in the office. The need to approve the request may arise, for example, while driving. After company research it was identified the need for a watch application along with the mobile application.