The project

In 2019, I joined the team in one of the largest hackathons in Germany. Our idea was the mobile application that helps create a legendary party. Choosing an event from dinner to Hanukkah, any number of guests, the ability to add a party theme, generating a balanced menu with the ability to edit, detailed recipes, creating a shopping list, parties history - it is all about Hearty Party.


The main challenge was time. In a short time it was necessary to create an application with delightful design and focus on usability and user goals to ensure smooth and fast user experience.


The color palette was carefully chosen and graphic was lovingly created for this project. I want to move to the beat with dancing strawberry!

New party

Are you looking for a perfect party? You can find it nearby - it's enough to press "New party" and complete three steps.


Main page

You can easily manage and controll your party, add and delete recipes, add products-exclusions or diet. At any time you can change the occasion and theme as well as the number of guests.


Shopping list & Profile

Decided on appetizers and dessert? It's time to go shopping. The shopping list is divided into categories so that you don't need to run around the store. And in your account you can immediately exclude recipes with garlic or add your diet. 


What the Hack!

In a week we achieved amazing results - supporting for iOS and Android, realm database, requirement of minimum RAM, offline working of app and UI implementation. We had a hard deadline but we managed to do everything that we planned.