The project

HeartyParty is a food app that helps people plan a home cooking for a specific party and any number of guests. It suggests you a number of occasions to select from, generates a customizable menu with well-described recipes and total cooking time, and combines all ingredients in one handful shopping list. Don’t worry about causing someone’s allergy reaction with cilantro in your main course – just set the list of unloved ingredients and save your nerve cells for political disputes with guests. HeartyParty is a non-commercial project that started on a hackathon and continued with the wish to publish it one day and gain an audience.


Since it’s a non-commercial project I was focusing my efforts on delivering great plan party experience for the end-users which will address their pain points. The minimum deliverables were: user research, lo-fi wireframes, user tests, wireframe iterations and an interactive prototype.


HeartyParty started in 2019 when I been part of a small dream-team attended one of the largest hackathons in Germany. Within extreme short time limits we were able to build an BETA version supporting iOS and Android, realm database, requirement of minimum RAM, offline working and with implemented UI. As only one designer I was responsible for defining MVP, creating UI and prototypes, handing over to engineers, implementation review and presentation. We competed with 46 teams and won one of total 6 prizes. 

Hackweek Memory


I didn't want the story to end. I devoted some time in order to look at the idea from scratch and rework it. I did the research to identify habits and problems potential users face with, built MVP for the updated iOS version of HeartyParty working closely with an engineer to make sure that features and UI are feasible from the development perspective. 


To start with I researched the habits of people who are hosting parties. My goal was to fit more into real pains instead of just urging the app.

1. Started with broad assumptions and narrowing my focus. 
2. Asked 38 people key questions about their party cooking habits in the survey.
3. Conducted 5 interviews with potential users.
4. Research deliverables: affinity mapping, personas, journey map.

Quick sum up of survey results

Customer Journey Map

Key research findings

📌  People save the most interesting or inspiring searches in order to repeat them one day.
📌  People often leave not enough time for cooking and finish cooking when the guests have already arrived.
📌  People go to the store several times because they forgot to buy something for a party (and they hate this).
📌  The most difficult, painful and time consuming part is to build a single menu and calculate repeatable ingredients.
📌  While cooking, people use very often a device with a large screen (in most cases laptop or tablet if they own one)      
📌  People refuse a recipe because of complexity or a specific ingredient.      
📌  Often the bill for products is shared between number of people.       
📌  People don't organize an unusual thematic party due to the lack of a single plan. 
📌  People invite guests to the party in advance. 

What can I say about HeartyParty users? 

They are outgoing and enterprising enthusiasts who love to cook and don't mind being surprised. They spend a lot of time preparing for the event and want the party to run smoothly. They get inspired and then bring ideas to life.


Based on discovered pain points and habits I ideated the list of opportunities which was discussed and prioritized with developer. 


💥  Generated Ready Party Menu
💥  Party Menu Filters: occasion, fun-theme, N of guests
💥  Unusual Party Themes
💥  Feed with ready parties’ inspirations from food bloggers & HeartyParty team
💥  Automated shopping list which combines ingredients from all recipes from the menu and groups them according to the grocery section
💥  Intelligent calculated overall cooking time & preparation
💥  Survey to identify culinary skill, set unloved ingredients & diet from the start 
💥  Invitation card builder


⏳  Adding of custom recipes
⏳  Recipes Feed 
⏳  Search in the Parties feed 
⏳  Publish own party; HeartyParty community 
⏳  Sell Party / Buy Party 
⏳  Tablet/ Web version 
⏳  Suggested cooking order
⏳  Creation of Party Memory & sharing
⏳  Info about unusual ingredient
⏳  More customizable invitation card builder
⏳  More party filters: vegetarian, exclusions etc.

Prioritization Matrix

Hierarchy and navigation

UI wireframes

There were 2 iterations of mid-fidelity wireframes along with usability tests before the final deliverables. 

UI kit

Frame 94.png 861.14 KB

Welcome Screens

Sign Up or Log In using socials. 


Customize the application for yourself from the very beginning. 

First Use

The application will not let you get lost. 

Ready Parties

Explore ready parties feed and save what you like to repeat in the future. 

Saved Parties & Recipes

Easily find saved recipes and all parties.

Start Party

Start a new unique party for the desired event. Choose one of the available themes if needed and generate a menu plan for any number of guests. 

Active Party

Be aware of the required time! Mark recipes when they are ready, take a convenient shopping list to the store, create a cool invitation and adapt an active party at any time in the settings.  Finish Party whenever you ready and it will be saved in your parties book. 

Other Screens



I am happy with the final outcomes from my research which affected my design solutions, as I feel I was able to deep into how to design for the user. If I had more time or the ability to launch this project I would collect user feedback, explore the user's journey and improve this MVP and then moved on to next prioritized features to be implemented.