The project

In early 2019 I was invited to become a member of a small team. MyUniver at that time had been operating in Belarus for 5 years, assisting foreign enrollee to start study in Belarus and collaborating with more than 15 Belarusian universities. Earlier I had already worked on the corporate identity and landing page for the company. This time my task was more complicated: the creation of a portal which will provide a convenient search for a study program, application submission and also will present each partner university. My job was not only to create a design, but also to conduct the user research, as well as suggesting and discussing the functionality.


The objective of the project was to create a user-friendly website where a foreign enrollee can easily find the necessary program, get the information about the chosen university, submit an application, get know about the process of admission and studying process in Belarus. We also wanted to combine the catalog (universities and programs) and the news portal. The goal of the project was to attract a large number of foreign applicants as well as representatives of universities for further cooperation.

main_2.png 939.11 KB


Quick manual search of necessary program placed immediately on the header. Easy discipline selection from cards with appropriate colorful icons.

areas.png 214.34 KB

Lack of the long-long landing-page. Only necessary information: easy-steps scheme, selection of the best universities, quick links to the most important information and last news connected with education.

main_3.png 549.54 KB


Opened access to required filters. Clean summary of the most relevant information about the program.

programms.png 494.76 KB


My 'favorite' feature - storage of the liked programs in one place. Just follow the star.

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Convenient search. Nice-looking 'CV' page for each university.

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Form fields clearly respond to user actions. Quick and easy filling.

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Most of the MyUniver users are young people under 24 yo. Therefore it was expected a large percentage (above 50%) of users using a mobile device. The mobile version of the platform is designed laconic and usable, as application.